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Programming services

Our programming service is able to provide complete solutions for the realization of all your programming needs for most trading software.

Would you like to get coded the trading robot corresponding to your manual strategy? Do you need help to make your indicators or screeners? Contact us. The quotes are free. The rates are customized and evolve based on the complexity of the requests.

What we provide:

  • Coding automatic trading system
  • Custom indicators programming
  • Market screeners programming
  • Translation of program of any trading platform to another
  • Analysis and debugging of codes

Contact form:

Describe your project as accurately as possible and attach a file if necessary. We will check the feasibility of your project and send you a quote as soon as possible (usually in less than 48 hours).

    AUTOMATIC TRADING SYSTEMS, SCREENERS AND INDICATORS was founded with the purpose of coding Automatic Trading Systems (Expert Advisors), Screeners and Indicators for various platforms: ProRealTime, MT4, MT5, Multicharts, TradingView, Fxcm, T3 and more.

    We are supporting traders in their journey through the market by providing smart and efficient tools.

    • Automated Trading Systems

    • Indicators

    • Market Screeners

    • Programming your trading systems

    • Coding your indicators

    • Helping to build your own market scanners


    We are programmer. We have a strong passion for trading and we like to create efficient trading indicators, market screeners and trading systems. We provide support for the creation and coding of your customized indicators, screeners and trading systems, on multiple platforms such as ProRealTime, MT5, MT4 , NinjaTraders, MultiCharts, Fxcm, ThinkOrSwim, TradingView, and more!


    We offer our ten-year experience as programmers in the field of trading, always placing the utmost attention and confidentiality for each algorithm we program. We can translate codes, or program them from scratch and for most of the trading platforms available! Feel free to contact us!


    Contact us!