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All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator V11

The most complete and accurate divergence indicator for ProRealTime

Advantages of using the “All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator V11”:

  • Automatically discover regular divergences of 10 types of oscillators and plot them both on the price graph and on the oscillator graph :
    • RSI = Relative Strength index oscillator
    • MACD histo = Moving Average Convergence Divergence oscillator
    • CCI = Commodity Channel index oscillator
    • STO = Stochastic oscillator
    • SMI = Stochastic Momentum index oscillator
    • ADX = Average directional oscillator index
    • MOM = Momentum oscillator
    • MFI = Money Flow Index oscillator
    • OsMA = Moving Average oscillator
    • TRIX = Triple Exponential Average oscillator
  • The indicator is completely customizable with a large range of settings available
  • Filter the dimensions of detected divergences
  • Frequent, repeatable, reliable and produce high probable setups
  • Trading rules are relatively standardized
  • Work well with defined Market Context, Symmetry and Measured Moves rules
  • Work in all timeframes and in all market instruments
  • It is not compatible with ProRealtime V10.3
  • It is compatible with ProRealtime V11.1
  • Screener not available yet
  • You will receive this Indicator in the next 1 hour


This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets


The “All-in-One Divergences Engine Indicator V11” for ProRealTime version 11 finds and plot on the graph the regular divergences for 10 types of oscillators.

The indicator draws the divergences found both on the price graph and on the oscillator graph.

The indicator can detect any type of divergence from the smallest to the largest, allows you to set the variables of the oscillators with your preferred parameters, allows you to work with different sizes or different oscillators simultaneously. It is a very powerful tool, which allows the trader to automate the search for divergences, to save time, and to catch the divergences that may not be clear to the human eye.

The divergences can be found on these 10 oscillators available:

  • RSI = Relative Strength index
  • MACD histo = Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • CCI = Commodity Channel Index
  • STO = Stochastic
  • SMI = Stochastic Momentum Index
  • ADX = Average Directional Index
  • MOM = Momentum
  • MFI = Money Flow Index
  • OsMA = Moving Average Oscillator
  • TRIX = Triple Exponential Average oscillator

During the formation of the pattern, the last point can be redesigned, exactly as it happens in reality. We can never be sure that the moment of inversion, however in the doctrine of the analysis technique, the divergences pattern have always been those deemed most reliable, by professional operators.