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Graphic patterns indicator V11

Seven classic patterns in one indicator

Advanteges of using the “Graphic patterns indicator V11”:

  • Automatically discover 7 classic patterns and plot them on the graph:
    • Cup with Handle Pattern
    • Double Top-Bottom Pattern
    • Triple Top- Bottom Pattern
    • Head and Shoulders Pattern
    • Wolfe Waves Pattern
    • 123 Swing Trading Pattern
    • ABCD Pattern
  • The indicator is completely customizable with a large range of settings available
  • Filter the accuracy of detected figures
  • Frequent, repeatable, reliable and produce high probable setups
  • Trading rules are relatively standardized
  • Work well with defined Market Context, Symmetry and Measured Moves rules
  • Work in all timeframes and in all market instruments
  • It is not compatible with ProRealtime V10.3
  • It is compatible with ProRealtime V11.1
  • Screener not available yet
  • You will receive this Indicator in the next 1 hour
This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets


The “Graphic Patterns indicator V11” for ProRealTime version V11, allows you to view 7 graphic patterns simultaneously. It is of great help especially for Day Trading.

This indicator consent you do not to miss profit opportunities, and above all, it helps you do not to make mistakes in evaluation, showing you all the possible patterns present in the graph.

The Graphic Patterns indicator V11 finds the following patterns:

  • Cup with Handle Graphic Pattern
  • Double Top-Bottom Graphic Pattern
  • Triple Top- Bottom Graphic Pattern
  • Head and Shoulders Graphic Pattern
  • Wolfe Waves Graphic Pattern
  • 123 Swing Trading Graphic Pattern
  • ABCD Graphic Pattern