Oscillator Channel Indicator


Plot on price 11 types of oscillators in a polynomial regression channel:

  1. RSI = Relative Strength index oscillator
  2. CCI = Commodity Channel index oscillator
  3. ROC= Rate of Change oscillator
  4. STO = Stochastic oscillator
  5. MACD histo = Moving Average Convergence Divergence oscillator
  6. MOM = Momentum oscillator
  7. ADX = Average directional oscillator index
  8. TRIX = Triple Exponential Average oscillator
  9. WILL= Williams%R
  10. UNI = Universal (Ehlers)
  11. SMI = Stochastic Momentum index oscillator
  • All setting availavable for each oscillator
  • Work in all timeframes and in all market instruments
  • Customizable on request
  • It is not compatible with ProRealtime V10.3
  • Screener not available yet
  • This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets
This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets


This indicator plot on price chart 11 oscillators, placing them in the polynomial regression channel. In the interface you can set the periods of each oscillator, select different colors to customize and optimize the graphics, and select the order of the polynomial that forms the channel, being able to use it as a simple channel to view the market trend.


  1. NmbrBars: Number of bars of the channel
  2. PolynomialOrder: Polynomial order
  3. Oscillator: From 1 to 11 to select type of oscillator
  4. Discance: To move on the right data texts
  5. RSIp: Period of Relative strenght index
  6. CCIp: Period of Commodity channel index
  7. ROCp: Period of Rate of Change
  8. STOk: Period of stocasthic
  9. STOks: Period of moving average %K
  10. STOds: Period of moving average %D
  11. MACDfp: Period exponential average 1
  12. MACDsp: Period exponential average 2
  13. MACDsig: Period of signal
  14. MOMp: Period of Momentum
  15. ADXp: Period of ADX
  16. TRIXp: Period of TRIX
  17. TRIXpa: Period moving average
  18. WILp: Period of William%
  19. UNIb: Period of Bandedge
  20. UNIn: Period of Noise
  21. SMIp: Period of SMI
  22. SMI1: Period of fast exponential average
  23. SMI2: Period of slow exponential average
  24. SMIs: Period of signal
  25. lineR: Red color for channel lines
  26. lineG: Green color for channel lines
  27. lineB: Blue color for channel lines
  28. OscR: Red color for oscillator lines
  29. OscG: Green color for oscillator lines
  30. OscB: Blue color for oscillator lines
  31. DataR: Red color for data texts
  32. DataG: Green color for data texts
  33. DataB: Blue color for data texts
  34. View: Colors for universal channel
  35. Alpha: Trasparency of lines


How can “Oscillator channel “helps you?

  • You can finally cRSIRompare the movements of the oscillator with the price
  • With just 1 indicator you can quickly view the status of different oscillators without having to keep them under the chart.
  • You can easily see any kind of divergence overlaid on the price.
  • You can use the channel and linear regression to evaluate the possibility of price reversal towards the center of gravity (center line of the channel)

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