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Tech Channel indicator

Don’t just draw the channel! ;-)

Advantages of using the “Tech Channel indicator” :

  • Automatically plot channel and multy channel on the graph ;
  • Automatically plot heatmap trend on the graph ;
  • Automatically plot volume on the graph ;
  • Automatically plot temporal and spatial data of channel on the graph ;
  • Recognition of recurring trading patterns for channel-loving traders!
  • The oblique trend lines are active, and break out generates a signal
  • Compatible with all ordinary timeframes !
  • Patterns are completely customizable to suit your own trading style
  • Does not repaint! The signal breakOut is given in real-time and allows you to operate without any delay
  • Can be integrated into any indicator, using ProRealTime’s ProBuilder function
  • Can be integrated into any automated trading strategy, using ProRealTime’s ProBackTest function to test strategies
  • The indicator is sold with a ProScreener program (included for the same price), that scan the patterns and break out in real time, on any market and for any compatible timeframe

Free update for ProRealTime V11

You will receive this screener and the indicator in the next 1 hours

This product works in any Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF Markets
CAUTION: The associated screener is not yet compatible with ProRealTime v11


Tech Channel indicator

Tech Channel indicator for ProRealTime Plot on the graph the following functions:

  • Channel
  • Multy Channel
  • Recognition of graphic Pattern
  • Retracement
  • I-Volume
  • HeatMap
  • Channel Temporal and spatial data
  • Fibonacci Retracemnts

It can be used for the following time intervals

  • Daily
  • hours
  • minutes
  • Second
  • Ticks

It cannot be used in the following time intervals

  • weekly
  • Monthly


In Technical Analysis, with the word Channel we mean, a graphic formation delimited by 2 parallel trendlines in which the prices move.

A channel will be traced creating a parallel to a trend line, identifying inclined levels that will act as support and resistance.

This software is designed to find any channel automatically.


This indicator plots 2 parallel trendlines segments  automatically on the graph. To set the size of the channel, you can use the zigzag function, contained in the indicator.

ZIGLINE: it is the most important variable to set the Tech Channel indicator

The Zig Zag indicator incorporated in the Tech Channel indicator.

The points of the Zig Zag indicator are used to find the maximum and minimum points of the channel, so the channel size,  depends by the wave size of the Zig Zag.

The Zig Zag indicator can be displayed by activating the ZigLine variable, to speed up the setting operation.